(Our superhero is fed by crispy tanned chickens of KFC Caribbean)


The adventures of Captain Caribbean (also known as CC) takes place in the Caribbean and on the great continent of the former colonizers.
Captain Caribbean’s fight for the right and the exorcising of the curses of identity, history of colonialism and most of all the Afro Curse and the liberation from the contemporary forms of colonialism like tourism has become his biggest archenemies. His search for the truth takes him all the way to the big continent of the former colonizers.

Always fighting for justice in the Caribbean society has brought our hero into confrontations with the dualism in the Caribbean daily life. The so called recycled colonialism has had its toll on our superhero. What has been the behavior and way of life of the colonial rulers are now adapted and imitated by the local. The identity crisis and the increasing Afrocentrism that’s getting out of hand and is causing racial segregation in the local societies are a few of the problems our hero is confronted with.

Our hero, just like every Caribbean citizen, is being confronted with the daily shortcomings that are part of the Caribbean society and mentality. Poverty, inferiority complex and corruption are a few of the obstacles CC has to deal with in-order to survive. On each new adventure CC has to recruit a new sidekick because of his lack of financial means to travel around with his sidekick. In some cases the situation gets that bad that he will use an inflatable doll as his sidekick.

Anti Hero Captain Caribbean and his sidekick Knock off
Description Captain Caribbean and his sidekick Knockoff

The typical thing about CC is his dress. Captain Caribbean wears a KFC bucket as his mask as a symbol of his wealth and fashion (like
everybody eats KFC if they can afford it). His Dashiki, the wooden Rosary, his rubber gloves and his machete are the basic pieces of his costume.

His sidekick Knockoff wears mostly wigs and dark glasses because these he can steal easily. He also tend to wear fake brands of clothing and shoes.


Anti Hero: Captain Caribbean
Side Kick: Knock off
Place: the fictional city Caribbean and the Western Continent
Main archenemies: colonial past, Afro history and tourism.

Place: Fictional City Caribbean

Bleu sky, white sandy beaches ‘,clear’ bleu Caribbean sea and a green and colorful nature.
It al looks so innocent to the eye of the layperson, one perfect paradise with al the joy of life.

Paradise Fatal for the people experiencing the daily rush of the fake exoticism of their, at first site, a beautiful island. Their daily existence excludes most of the time the Caribbean colors.

Initiation Captain Caribbean

Because of the big respect that CC has for the former heroes of the Caribbean he will visit them to ask them, in a very polite way, for their blessing and support for his quest for justice and equality.
This will be the initiation of the Captain.
The various monuments for the Caribbean Heroes (on the different islands) will be the spots for the initiating performances of CC.
His first heroes will be the ones from Curacao and then the heroes from Jamaican.

Side Project

The marketing strategies nowadays are also of great importance in the whole existence of our super hero.
Action figures and all kind of other marketing products are very important items in the Captain Caribbean project. These will also be presented in the different ways.
Each new action or product will be launched in a very special way.
Stay tune for our updates on our blog.

Will our hero maintain his loyalty to his principles?
Will he survive the social and political storms who take our Caribbean societies by surprise?
Tune in for the next adventures of Captain Caribbean!

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