Captain Caribbean recently had his initiation at the Heroes Park in Kingston, Jamaica.
Here are some images of this event.

The artist at the entrance of National Heroes Park ready to start with the initiation performance of Captain Caribbean. Together with the artist 3 students of the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts who participated as the Sidekicks of CC. The students could define for themselves how they would like to present themselves as the sidekick.

At each monument for a hero the artist poured some typical Jamaican rum on the ground and then thanked the hero for his or her permission.
In the background the guards from the Heroes Park observe everything.

The attributes of the super hero. His Dashiki, cape, machete, rosary, his flip-flops and his mask.

Here you have a better look at the ritual of pouring the rum and the sidekicks with the attributes.

Captain Caribbean ready for the Caribbean adventure.

The Captain on his triumphant ride thru the park to the entrance of the park where he will stand at the street and salute the passers by.

The Captain plate for his means of transportation.

The sidekick “Captain Trash” hands the attributes over to the Captain.

The artist standing in his circle of rum ready to start with his transformation.

The Captain at the entrance saluting the people and traffic passing by.

The team!

The real deal.